Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dominance war III Finalist

Alright, The competition of 2008 ended,
and I am really happy that i made it to the top finalists.

The contest was awesome, and being able to show the progress
of each of the entries and getting feedback was one of my favorite parts.

Also the organizers and Fred did a great job in the presentation
and overall management, being able to see what the judges choose and thought
about the entries was amazing, made me really happy to know
that great Pro Artists liked my entry.

Here is the link to the Dominance War III finalists
and my entry:

And now some links to my favorite 2d entries of the competition, great job everyone! :

Dae hoon Lee - Managa
Myungsin koo - loveme8022
Jonguk Jeon - ENrang
Joongmin Park - JerryJ
Jaehwon song - jisol
Won Jang - OZingan
Jeongsil Lee - persona
Sooho kang - gaeberman
Kelly Hamilton - artkitty
Justin Albers - Albers
Andrew Hou - nJoo
Vinod Rams - Jedi Hindu
Sean A Murray - Muttonhead
Tham Hoi Mun - Rezeroth
Sang Han - fluxen
Christopher Flork - The Flork
Carissa Susilo - gough
Michael Dashow - walrus
Robert Kim - Roboto-kun
Jiansong Chen - chainjane
Yountaek Oh - enozria


Justin said...

13th place?


you deserve better sir

Alucard X said...

fantastic concept!

Chainsaw said...

are you stopping by for comicon

Julkillo said...

Wow,incredible concepts and desings at this blog! You´re a great artist guy,I´ll stay tunned.

EL GRANDE said...


Anonymous said...

muy buen trabajo.
espectacular ^_____^

jakolobo said...

Esto es ...IMPRESIONANTE!!!!!!

Tim McBurnie said...

Amazing! I like the design of this one better than the others I saw on that site, has a very cool vibe. Striking but somehow functional.
Your strokes are always so clean yet still painterly. No idea how you do it :)

Lorraine A D Alvarez said...

hats off, you have brililant designs and solid rendering skills!!

Anonymous said...

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de Haaff said...

Great stuff, reminds me of the main villan from an old anime show, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

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