Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Fraction Mecha

Started this working on the silhouette for each character, 
then made a layer on top and sketched with linework all shapes.

Worked the colors for the girl and mecha, 
and picked a red background and greenish light.

Merged all in one layer, on that started cleaning the whole thing 
and rendering it, at the end cut and move or distort parts 
and elements and played with some layer effects, 
trying not to burn or loose the original rendering too much.


Happy new year 2009 to everyone! 


RAWLS said...

Cool stuff man!! Happy New Year!

Stuart Kim said...

This is GREAT!!! Your work is inspiring. Thanks for the explanation of your process for this piece!

Chainsaw said...

awesome shit man, 2009 is looking good.

Robogabo said...

Darren, Stuart & Carlo, Best wishes on 2009 and thanks for writing, you guys rock!

Anonymous said...


Jose Rivolta said...

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