Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monster Hunter

So I got into Monster Hunter 2 Freedom game for the PSP
and i can't wait for the Wii version that is coming out next year.

Here are some illustrations i made, based on the game,
i won't go into a review of the game but i gotta say
once you get into it, it becomes very addicting,
so be careful about that ;-)

A little about my character, HR5 completed all game till Lao Shung
(not killed but completed the quest) and 100% heavy bowgun baby,
then after not being able to complete monsters
like red khezu i changed to great sword
(valkirie blade working my way to Siegmund)
that's when i stopped playing the game since
i could not get the necessary material drops
after trying so many times :-( . . . that's my story.

Some good websites: Gamefaqs and Skies of Croda