Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charging up - tutorial

Here is a copy paste of a tutorial I did:

1) Do blocks of color, 
you can use an old illustration you did or a photo ref.

2)Draw the perspective lines and major blocks, 
get a feeling for the space.

3)On top of it start painting and define the overall, 
don't focus on a tiny area.

4)Start zooming in and polishing, or poping elements, 
is a good idea to use some soft edge brushes 
in combination with hard edge ones.

5)On a new layer draw the silhouette of the mecha, 
and charcaters and repeat steps 1-4 on them.

6)Use some masking selection and gradients to pop things more, 
maybe play with the brightness and contrast too. 
Use filters to taste, crop and save :-D