Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oni girl & mecha

So, I've been doing the usual square color studies
with complementaries and analogs,
so what better way to try wacky colors
than with underworld characters :-D.

Here is some demon girls.

Oh and btw a quick update on my new PC,
the problem of getting totally frozen is still there,
and i think it has to do with the graphics card . . just a guess.

I started playing Left 4 dead and every time it will get frozen ,
so i lower all the video settings on my card and in-game,
and still would crash . . . .
my wife suggested to close the virus scanner,
which is constantly scanning ,
and for some reason it stooped freezing .

I would say:
-it will freeze 9 out of 10 times
when i play left 4 dead with virus scan on.
-it will freeze 1 out of 10 times
when i play left 4 dead with virus scan off
and all in-game video options at max.


RAWLS said...

Great sketches my friend. Yea, my comp lags as well when doing a scan. Doesn't really crash that often, but it does make a difference when not in scan mode.
... that, and I should probably stop having a million apps open at once.

Justin said...

I dont know if this is really realted- but you know the "rake" brush in photoshop- it's just 4 dots with spacing at about 6% and angle set on direction- the brush is super small, not demanding at all- but for some reason, every computer I've tried it on except for my old work computer, it's crashed. Even great performance computers for some reason can't take that brush- but maybe it's just a CS2 problem...

awesome sketches btw gabo!

Unknown said...

Found your blog!
I love the colours, great stuff as always. As for the computer maybe your fan isn't sufficient?

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Very nicee.. very pop colors and i just love you you sorta "detached" the mecha's arm from the shoulder.. :D

Alex Chu said...

robo the colors in all your works are amazing. I love how you have so much vibrate colors and yet it doesn't feel overpowering at all.

McLean Kendree said...

Dang man, your stuff is always killer. The color sense combined with the solid structure, plus the really gestural mark-making.... just kinda sorta blows my mind a lil.

Robogabo said...

Darren, Justin, Jurffy, Tham, Alex & Mclean, I appreciatte the comments, my PC is doing ok, i uninstalled the virus scanner, but still crashes in the same way from time to time, we haven't figured out what it is, but as soon as we find the reason ill let you guys know.
Again thanks fro writing guys, happy new year :-)

Anonymous said...


Palmer said...

It's the motherboard. Its most likely defective. Oh Snap!

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