Thursday, July 31, 2008

DEEP underwater 1st place

Hey guys, it's been a long time since i've updated,
wanted to share the news and some artwork.
I got the grand prize on DEEP contest

It was a lot of fun to participate, since it was more
concept art driven than an illustration contest,
i felt more comfortable coming out with ideas.

Here is my entry,
most things are made for exploration and travel
in the depths of the sea.

These Mechas can be upgraded into war driven machines,
but it's not their primary function,
a good example is the bulldog back fins that can carry
"upgrades" for weapons, and the S.I.M.O.N. big side panels
that can be changed into ones that contain torpedoes.

The bloated crab sucks sea water and boils it to generate energy
and fill the balloons, once placed inside cracks
the device will increase it's size and break it apart.

First is a hard suit for outer repairs at high water pressure,
next a pilot suit with a full close helmet, with video display,
then a light exploration suits and some civilian suits.

The first is a fish that can be called using a distress signal,
carries a shell with air, so once it's used you can throw it away
and it will land with other shells at the bottom of the sea.
Next is a rescue/air bubble, placed for divers who run out of air.

Rooms inside the city,
mostly places related to water control,
that diver is just an inspector,
checking everything is running all right
and no coral or bio formations gather around the machines.

A mysterious creature I guess chaotic neutral,
that uses the rapiers to stun or disable
vehicles or mechanical devices.
It carries several batteries at different frequencies,
so depending on the size or type of "enemy"
it switches the rapiers connection
. . .. hope that made any sense.


Andreas Schuster said...

my google reader just screamed "robogabo updated his site" and i have to scream "COOL STUFF!" too.

i really like the environmental stuff and the "aid" parts.
very cool and you deserved to win on any level!

Carlos Villa said...

congratulations man.
you deserve it all the way. stellar work. chingon!

Jimmy Lam said...

i love your work!! robots are teh future!

Randy Bantog said...

Beautiful work!! I love your designs and illustrations.

Francis Vallejo said...

i dont think ive said congrats, beautiful work!!!

Robogabo said...

andreas, el villano, jimmy, randy & francis, thanks for writing guys :-)

Vaughan Ling said...

WOWWW, Your sir are a monster!

Anonymous said...


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